Do I need to supply my own supplies or does the company provide them?
It all depends from you if you would like the cleaners to have their own supplies they can have their own if you would prefer to for the cleaners to use your supplies that is fine just ensure that you pick correct that option when booking the service online.
How long has your company been running?
The company started in 2016
Will I know when my cleaner will arrive?
Yes. Your cleaner will arrive at the specified time you selected on the booking form. You will receive a text message with the name of the cleaner when the cleaned arrive.
Do I need to be at home for the service?
Unfourtuneley yes, you need to be home as someone has to let the cleaner in.
Will the cleaner have some sort of DBS checks?
Yes, all cleaners require a DBS check when joining the company.
How do I pay for my service?
We require a deposit payment of 30% when you book online. Remaining balance you can pay online or by cash on the day to the cleaner.
What services do you provide?
We provide domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, one off cleaning and off tenancy cleaning, soon we will be able to give have much more services as we are trying to develop our company further.
Do all the supplies you use are safe?
All our supplies are safe and harm-free if you feel concerned that the equipment we use might not suit your needs, please let us know and we can discuss or you can let the cleaner use your supplies if you feel like that would be the best option.
How do I know I can trust the people I let in to my house?
All our cleaners have DBS checks and we ensure that all our staff are loyal and trustworthy.
What if I have a special request?
If you do have a special request just get in contact with our office either through email or telephone and we will be able to discuss this request and do everything we can to meet this request.
How much does your company charge for cleaning?
It all depends on the service you choose, how many cleaners you need and the number of hours.
Can we sign a contract for regular cleaning services?
Yes. If you would like regular cleaning services you need to contact our office to sign the contract, we offer discounts to our regular customers. You can cancel your contract anytime with 2 weeks notice.
Will I be able to book the same cleaner?
Yes, you may book the same cleaner ( depending on availability ) you just need to send an email or contact us and let us know. If you are using our service weekly we will assign the same cleaner for you.
What training do the cleaners have?
Our cleaners are trained with such as safe use of equipment and all the supplies they use. We ensure that all our staff are well qualified.
How do I get a price for my Cleaning Service?
Please use our booking form to check price instantly on our website. Simply select order details to check the price for a selected number of cleaners and a number of hours you need the service for.
What if I am disappointed with the cleaning?
If that happens please email us or call us with all the details and we will be able to offer a solution.
Can I give my cleaner tips if I am happy with their cleaning?
Yes, you can, however, If you are happy with our service and with the cleaner please leave us your review on our page and give us a rating and ensure you mention the same of the cleaner and we will then be able to give the cleaner a bonus.
Will I be able to add services when the cleaner is already cleaning my house?
Yes, you may, however, you need to give us a ring and tell us about the change.